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Cheri Beasley and others visit North Chatham County

We were fortunate to have some super candidates on hand on Wednesday afternoon, November 2, 2022, at the early polling location at the Central Carolina Community College-Health Science Center.

Where else could you find Cheri Beasley, Robert Reives, Natalie Murdock, Lucy Inman, and Del Turner all in the same place? Great events like this happen in Chatham County because we are known for our great Democratic voter turnout. An enthusiastic crowd enjoyed an energetic welcome from Chatham County Democratic Party Chair, Liz Guinan before hearing from, Reives, Murdock, Beasley, and Inman.

Following the event all of the candidates posed for pictures with each other and with Democrats who were in attendance.

Great fun! Of course with an underlying message of getting out the vote.

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