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Volunteer Role Descriptions


Canvassing: Want to help with one of the most effective ways to increase voter turnout? Join one of our door-to-door canvasses, where we knock on the doors of registered Democrats and left-leaning Unaffiliated voters. We provide training and can set you up with a partner. Come out and get some fresh air!


Phone banking: Want to reach out to voters from the comfort of your own home? The phone banking team may be perfect for you. You can get trained to call using online lists and instructions and then set your own hours.


Poll greeting: Want to connect with voters and help them at the polls? Help CCDP greet voters and provide them with information to help them make voting decisions and know where to go. CCDP offers training and sets up a tent and informational materials. You can typically schedule a time and location that best suits you.


Poll observing: Want to help protect the integrity of our elections? Sign up to be a poll observer!  Poll observers watch to make sure voters are protected from unfair practices or intimidation.


Communications: Calling all writers and editors! We need you! Are you the one person in the room who corrects everyone's grammar? Do you cringe over too many commas? If a run on sentence makes you want to run over the writer, then please join our Communications Team. We need writers and editors for internal communications, internal and external presentations, fundraising letters and emails, and a host of other projects. Most of the work is ad-hoc, so if you want to volunteer from home on occasion, but don't have time to commit, this is a great spot.


Events: Hey, Party Planners! This is the team for you! The Events Team makes sure Democrats have a presence at community events like Pittsboro's First Sunday, Juneteenth, The Chicken Festival, etc. They also produce CCDP's annual breakfast and dinner events. If you are a party planner, love meeting and greeting, this team is your cup of tea!


Fundraising: We put the FUN in fundraising! All non-profit organizations rely on the generosity of others. But asking doesn't have to be painful. This team is creating innovative ways to keep our party funded. This team partners closely with the Events Team... and those folks are a blast! 


Office crew: Welcome people to CCDP and keep our office humming! The Clerical Crew staffs the CCDP Community Engagement Center and is the first point-of-contact for Democrats seeking information, help, or a cup of coffee and a chat. From answering phones to stuffing and stamping envelopes, making copies, putting together boxes of materials for the next event....  you name it and the office crew "gits 'er done"! In the next few weeks, we will be posting office shifts


Technology: Calling all computer geeks! We can use your knowledge and support. Technology is crucial to our success because it supports all of our efforts. If you love using databases to support Get Out The Vote efforts (GOTV), creating order out of chaos, herding cats with a keyboard, all on your schedule, this team is for you. We can easily make use of those newly-retired IT folks with experience in databases, MS365 (especially Sharepoint and TEAMS), website maintenance (we use Wix), etc. This is a great team to join if you simply want to be "on call." 


Graphic design: Are you able to create pictures that paint a thousand words?  We need volunteers who can use graphic design software (like Canva) to create visual content for promotional materials that energize others to vote, support Democratic candidates up and down the ballot, and help support the work we are doing by joining our volunteer team.


Marketing/advertising/promotional copy writing: Are you in your prime with pithy?  Were you in the advertising business and know how to pull together a marketing campaign that stops traffic?  We need people who can write short, impactful statements to engaged and encourage voting. We need scripts for phone and text banking; content for our website; headlines for door hangers; and content for a number of other delivery methods. 


Voter registration: This is where it all starts - folks cannot vote until they register!  Join one of our voter registration drives. We set up tables at community events and in public venues to make it easy for young voters and new residents to register to vote in Chatham County. We also provide voter education to ensure that folks have all the information they need to be able to cast their ballots. We also provide training for our volunteers so that you have the most up-to-date information concerning voing rules and regulations. Then, you can share what you learn with family and friends!

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