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Chatham County Democratic Party
Training Sessions

Events Team – Tent Events 

If you already know that you’re interested in working at tent events, you can sign up for Tent Event Training. We cover everything you need to know to feel comfortable and competent staffing a CCDP Tent at one of the many fun community events we participate in each year. 


CEC/Office Team 

If you'd like to work in CCDP's Office (which is also known as the Community Engagement Center) Team, Sign up for a weekly CEC training session to get started. 


Voter Registration Team 

CCDP's Voter Registration Team offers a one-hour training that focuses on North Carolina's voter registration form. Sign up for our Introduction to Voter Registration & Voter Education training session to get started.

Canvassing Team 

CCDP's Canvassing Team offers a 90-minute training that focuses on door-to-door canvassing. Sign up for our Canvassing Orientation & Training training session to get started.

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