CCDP Leadership Team

"Team" is the optimal word for this dedicated group of volunteers. We work hard for the Democratic party. We embrace our mission of inclusivity, diversity and transparency.  We invite others who ardently believe in our democracy to volunteer with us and work towards one of the many party leadership positions.

Guinan, Liz.jpg

Liz Guinan


Beck, Sarah.jpg

Sarah Beck

Third Vice Chair

Brabble, Lily.jpg

Lily Brabble

State Executive Committee 

Scotton, Jessie.jpg

Jesse Scotton

East Siler City Precinct Chair

McIver, Maryann.jpg

Marianne McIver

Albright Precinct Chair

Hobbs, Mike.jpg

Mike Hobbs

Manns Chapel Precinct Chair

Vote buttons on flag

John Shaw

Oakland Precinct Chair

Jacobs, Nancy.jpg

Nancy Jacobs

West Williams Precinct Chair

Versola, Rhesa.jpg

Rhesa Versola

Bynum Precinct Chair

DeLano, Bill.jpg

Bill DeLano

First Vice Chair


Angela Flynn


3394 Jerry Markatos headshot a.jpg

Jerry Markatos

State Executive Committee

Kalt, Mike.jpg

Mike Kalt

East Williams Precinct Chair

Becky Loflin.jpg

Becky Loflin

Harper's Crossroads Precinct Chair

Thompson, Sheila.jpg

Sheila Thompson

New Hope Precinct Chair

Magee, Lisa.jpg

Lisa Magee

Pittsboro Precinct Chair

Hawes, Pam.jpg

Pam Hawe

West Siler City Precinct Contact

Paige, Michelle.jpg

Michelle Paige

Second Vice Chair


Cindy Palay


Vote buttons on flag

Virginia Penley

State Executive Committee


Timir Cox

Goldston Precinct Chair

Lena Brokob.jpg

Lena Brokob

Hickory Mountain Precinct Chair

Wearden, Katie.jpg

Katie Wearden

Hadley Precinct Chair

Smith, Nelson.jpg

Nelson Smith

Three Rivers Precinct Chair

Buis, Alan.jpg

Alan Buis

North Williams Precinct Chair

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