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Canvassing in Briar Chapel

On Saturday July 9 a group of canvassers knocked on doors in Briar Chapel, looking for more volunteers to help us contact voters from now until November 8. In addition to finding volunteers, our purpose was to let Democrats and friendly Unaffiliated voters know that the Democratic Party is alive and well in this precinct. We knocked on 156 doors and talked to 42 people. We plan to continue weekly or at least semiweekly canvasses from now until November 8. The attached photo was taken by Tom Lauer, who was one of our canvassers. Front row kneeling: Robin Tovell Toubat. Standing first row left to right: Sue Blalock, Geraldine Gannon, Caroline Deegan Back row: Diane Tracy, Liz Kawabata, Jan Parker, Trish Lauer, Michael Hobbs, Kathleen Southworth, Lucas Southworth

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