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Del Turner

Board of Education, District 3



The Chatham County Board of Education is a non/partisan office.


Delcenia Turner, known to most people as “Del”, is an activist with roots in both New York and Chatham County.

For the past 27 years, Del has devoted her life to civic activities, serving on major boards and organizations in Chatham that directly impact the lives of people, especially children.  Those include, but are not limited to, the Planning Board, the Affordable Housing Task Force, the Chatham County Partnership for Children, and the Comprehensive Plan Task Force . 


Before being elected to the Chatham County Board of Education in 2010, Del served as a two-term 2nd Vice Chair of the Chatham County Democratic Party.  In that role, she was invited by President Obama to visit The White House twice in 2009 in recognition of her work on his behalf. 


Del lives in Gulf, located in southwest Chatham and is currently running for a fourth term on the Chatham County Board of Education.

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