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Build Back Better: What it means for North Carolina

On November 5, 2021, Congress passed a key piece of President Biden's Build Back Better plan.  The $1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure bill benefits North Carolina on several fronts, including:
$7.2B for highway programs | $457 million for bridge replacement and repairs  | $910M to improve public transit options | $109M to expand an electric vehicle charging network | $100M to expand high-speed internet coverage and help more than 424,000 North Carolina residents who lack access.

Democrats are not done yet!  There are other components of Build Back Better that Americans deserve. Note that not one North Carolina Republican member of the House of Representatives voted to approve these much needed funds for our state.  Also note that not one NC GOP Senate Candidate supports the plan. All have publicly stated they would vote against it!

Read more about President Biden's Build Back Better Plan below. And, watch this space. We will keep you updated!


For too long, the economy has worked great for those at the top, while working families continually get squeezed. President Biden promised to rebuild the backbone of the country – the middle class – so that this time everyone comes along. He also campaigned on a promise to make government work for working people again.

The president is delivering on these promises with the Build Back Better Framework.

This new framework is a transformative investment in climate, care, and kids that will lower costs for working families, help people get back to work, and grow the economy, and it’s all paid for by making the wealthiest and large corporations pay their fair share.

Build Back Better Framework- 3.png
Build Back Better Framework- 5.png

And we will do this without adding to the debt. Yes, you read that right. The plan is more than fully paid for by asking the wealthiest Americans and largest corporations to pay their fair share. No one earning under $400,000 will pay a penny more in taxes.

Along with President Biden’s Infrastructure Deal, which makes historic investments in equity and tackling the climate crisis, the Build Back Better framework will create millions of good-paying jobs, ensure that American workers, businesses, and farmers can compete in the 21st century, and save middle-class families money. 

This is a historic framework that will grow the economy so that everyone gets ahead. 

One thing is clear: we have to keep electing Democrats up and down the ballot so that more pieces of transformative legislation get across the finish line and we continue delivering for working families. 

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