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A resolution is an expression of opinion or intention that is the first step toward incorporating that expression into the Democratic Party Platform and should have the goal of solving a problem while demonstrating our values.

From the NC Democratic Party Plan of Organization

   1.    Resolutions may be proposed, considered, and adopted at the annual meeting of any precinct. All resolutions adopted at a precinct meeting shall be forwarded to the county secretary. The county convention shall in even-number years adopt the method for reviewing, editing, consolidating, adopting, and prioritizing resolutions most appropriate for the local party. Resolutions may be addressed either only at the county convention or initially by a special platform and resolution committee appointed by the district chair. Resolutions that are adopted and are of purely local interest shall be recommended for further action on the local level. 

   2.    If the resolutions are considered by a committee before the county convention, that committee shall have the authority to edit and/or consolidate resolutions, in keeping with their intention and then prioritize state and national resolutions prior to forwarding them to the county convention. 

   3.    Each county shall forward to the district convention from among the resolutions adopted at the county convention state and national resolutions that the county convention prioritizes as reflecting the most vital and pressing issues put forward by the county party. The secretary shall forward these prioritized resolutions to the district secretary within ten days. The other adopted resolutions that are not prioritized will be record as reflecting local county party policy, and shall be forwarded to the State Platforms and Resolutions Committee for constructing the state biennial platform. 

   4.    The county secretary shall report all adopted resolutions to the county convention, if resolutions are considered by committee before the convention, this committee meeting shall take place at least 14 days before the county convention and shall be publicized to party members at least 14 days 
before it takes place. Any democrat residing in the county may propose and speak on such resolutions at this meeting.
5. Resolutions shall be prioritized at the county convention using one of the following methods
   a.    The county convention may approve the prioritization of resolutions as recommended by the committee addressing the resolutions; 

   b.    The county convention may decide to amend prioritization recommended by the committee 

   c.    Regardless of whether the prior committee method is used, the county convention may decide to first vote on which resolutions to approve and then prioritize resolutions by ballot. Each delegate may prioritize state and national resolutions, but may prioritize fewer than that number if he or she chooses. The county party secretary shall tabulate the ballots, weighted by precinct delegate vote, and report the state prioritized and the national prioritized resolutions to the convention. The secretary shall then forward these results to the district party secretary.

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