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Redistricting Update (cont.)

This ruling was immediately appealed by both the legislative Republicans and the plaintiffs in the lawsuit that was originally filed in late 2021 following the enactment of the gerrymandered maps that were drawn by the Republican majority.

Today, North Carolina Democratic Party Chair Bobbie Richardson released the following statement on the three-judge panel’s decision:

​​“I am disappointed in the three-judge panel’s decision to approve legislative Republicans’ partisanly gerrymandered state Senate map. North Carolina Senate Republicans refused to work in good faith with Democrats to draw state Senate and Congressional maps that restore voters’ voices in our democracy. 

“Just as the bipartisan three-judge panel took steps to correct the unconstitutional Congressional maps, it is my hope that the North Carolina Supreme Court will do what legislative Republicans refused to – ensure North Carolinians have constitutionally fair maps that guarantee every voter has the ability to choose who represents them.”

This is a developing story with candidate filing deadlines looming.


Here are the maps as of February 23.

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2022 Interim Congressional - 11 x 17 Map.jpg
SL 2022-4 House - 11 x 17 Map.jpg
SL 2022-2 Senate - 11 x 17 Map.jpg
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