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Redistricting Public Hearing

In a hollow exercise, the Republican led Senate Standing Committee for Redistricting and Elections checked a box on the afternoon of October 25, 2021. This will allow them to say that they held public hearings on the proposed redistricting maps. Clearly their hearts were not in it.

In addition to the hearing at the Legislative Building in Raleigh, citizens could also address the committee via remote video sites at Caldwell Community College in Lenoir and UNC-Wilmington.

Several dozen mostly democratic leaning citizens addressed the committee members in two-minute opportunities to express their concerns about the maps. A recurring theme posed the following question. In a purple state with a nearly 50/50 balance in statewide election results (President, Governor, etc.), why do the Republicans insist on drawing maps that consistently fail to represent this 50/50 balance in the more local state legislative and congressional offices?

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