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Election Night Watch Party

By Alan Buis

Two years of hard work by a dedicated team of volunteers, led by our Chatham County, NC Democratic Party Chair Liz Guinan has paid off! Democrats outperformed their opponents in EVERY race on the ballot in Chatham!!!! While the Democratic candidates on our ballot for federal and NC statewide races (U.S. Senate, U.S. House, and the highest-level judicial races) were not victorious, we successfully: Re-elected our wonderful NC House Democratic Leader Representative Robert Reives II.

Elected our new NC State Senator Natalie Murdock.

Won all three County Commissioner races (David Delaney, Franklin Gomez Flores, and Katie Kenlan).

Re-elected our Sheriff Mike Roberson.

Re-elected school board members Del Turner, Gary Leonard, and Jane Allen Wilson.

Elected Superior Court District Judges Alyson Grine, C. Todd Roper, and Allen Baddour.

Elected District Attorney Jeff Nieman.

And Elected Clerk of Superior Court Dana Hackney.

While we can’t control what happens in statewide races, we successfully kept Chatham County Blue, in the face of some stiff competition and gerrymandering. 65.3% of Chatham’s 60,000 voters voted. We led the state in early voting and I won’t be surprised if we end up leading the state for overall voter turnout.

At the state level we contributed to keeping the GOP from having a supermajority in the North Carolina General Assembly, protecting Democratic Governor Roy Cooper’s veto power.

Photographs by Anita Leonard and Greg Stewart

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