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The Year (so far) in Pictures-2022

Chatham Dems Together

On the evening of September 9, Chatham Democrats, plus numerous visitors of note, came together for great music, food, inspirational speakers, and just plain fun. In addition to all of that fun, the purpose was to shine a light on our support for our fantastic candidates that we have in the 2022 election.

August 27

This was a busy day with visits to various locations around the county by Congressional candidate, Ben Clark. Additionally there was the St. Julia Parish Festival with our friends at Saint Julia Catholic Church. Our fantastic Democratic candidates were active and available to meet Chatham County voters at all of the events.

Thanks for the big photo assist from Erich Magee.

South Chatham Pig Pickin' with 2022 Candidates

South Chatham Precinct Democrats (Bonlee, Crossroads, Goldston, and Moncure) hosted a "pig pickin'" dinner at Oakland Farm on Saturday, August 20, where elected officials and 2022 candidates served attendees buffet style, and then sat with everyone to hear their thoughts on issues! Barbecue along with all the sides was served by Judge Todd Roper, Sheriff Mike Roberson, Representative Robert Reives, Commissioner Franklin Gomez-Flores, School Board members Del Turner and Gary Leonard, and Commissioner candidate Katie Kenlan. Congressional candidate, NC Senator Ben Clark was also briefly present before having to leave to attend another campaign event.

Sundae School

The West Chatham precincts (West and East Siler City, Albright, Hadley, and Hickory Mountain) hosted a meet-n-greet event on Sunday afternoon, August 14 where everyone had the opportunity to speak with candidates for the Chatham County Board of Education. The event was held at the Courtyard at the Arts Incubator in Siler City. Del Turner, Jane Allen Wilson, and Gary Leonard were all on hand to answer questions and listen to Chatham County citizens.

The cooler temperature and lower humidity provided the perfect opportunity to get outside to meet some great people, have some free ice cream, and participate in a raffle for fully stocked book bags for students returning to school.

Happy Hour in Chatham County

Neighbors on Call and Carolina Forward have done a series of happy hours across the Triangle for the purpose of growing their circle of committed activists and providing an opportunity to meet and speak with our Democratic leaders in and candidates for the North Carolina General Assembly.

Sunday afternoon, August 7 brought them to Carolina Brewery in Pittsboro where approximately 50 Chatham Democrats had an opportunity to listen to and speak individually with NC House Democratic  Leader Robert Reives and NC Senator Natalie Murdock.

Robert Reives Meet-n-Greet

On July 23 from 11AM until 1PM, our inaugural event at the new CCDP Community Engagement Center was a Meet-n-Greet with Robert Reives. Participants had the opportunity to hear Representative Reives speak and to talk with him one-on-one.

Other Democratic candidates were also present for the event. They were Del Turner, Board of Education; Jeff Nieman, District Attorney; Katie Kenlan and David DeLaney, County Commissioner.

Photographs by Mike Hobbs and Bill DeLano.

Canvassing in Briar Chapel

On Saturday July 9 a group of canvassers knocked on doors in Briar Chapel, looking for more volunteers to help us contact voters from now until November 8. In addition to finding volunteers, our purpose was to let Democrats and friendly Unaffiliated voters know that the Democratic Party is alive and well in this precinct.

We knocked on 156 doors and talked to 42 people. We plan to continue weekly or at least semiweekly canvasses from now until November 8.

The attached photo was taken by Tom Lauer, who was one of our canvassers.
Front row kneeling: Robin Tovell Toubat. Standing first row left to right: Sue Blalock, Geraldine Gannon,

Caroline Deegan

Back row: Diane Tracy, Liz Kawabata, Jan Parker, Trish Lauer, Michael Hobbs, Kathleen Southworth, Lucas Southworth