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Brad A. Salmon  NC Court of Appeals Judge Seat 09

Judge Brad Salmon grew up on a family farm in Lillington, NC. After graduating from North Carolina State University and the Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law at Campbell University, he became a founding partner of The Salmon Law Firm. There, he focused on civil and criminal law and, in his words, “helped real people solve real problems.” He also served as a defense attorney in the District 11A Veterans Treatment Court. From 2014 to 2016, Salmon served in the North Carolina General Assembly, representing Harnett and Lee Counties (District 51). He currently serves as a District Court judge for District 11, which covers Lee, Harnett, and Johnston Counties.

Brad A. Salmon  NC Court of Appeals Judge Seat 09

Judge Brad Salmon grew up on a family farm in Lillington, NC. After graduating from North Carolina State University and the Norman Adri- an Wiggins School of Law at Campbell Univer- sity, he became a founding partner of The Salmon Law Firm. There, he focused on civil and criminal law and, in his words, “helped real people solve real problems.” He also served as a defense attorney in the District 11A Veterans Treatment Court. From 2014 to 2016, Salmon served in the North Carolina General Assem- bly, representing Harnett and Lee Counties (District 51). He currently serves as a District Court judge for District 11, which covers Lee, Harnett, and Johnston Counties.

Cheri Beasley  U.S. Senate

Cheri Beasley is a mom, former public defender, judge, and the first Black woman to serve as chief justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court. She’s spent her life fighting to uphold the law and keep communities safe -- and as U.S. Senator, she’ll fight to lower costs, create good-paying jobs, and expand access to affordable, quality health care in every part of North Carolina.

In Cheri’s own words, “I’m running for Senate to be an independent voice who stands up for North Carolina and what’s right for our state -- regardless of the politics. And I will bring the same values I was raised with -- hard work, integrity, and justice -- to fight for every person in our state.”

Ben Clark  U.S. House of Representatives  District 09

Ben is currently in his fifth term as a North Carolina Senator, representing Hoke and Cumberland Counties. His track record is clear: protecting women's equality; expanding healthcare access; delivering critical infrastructure projects; and removing barriers to higher education through the NC Promise Program. Ben was a leader in the fight to reopen the schools and reduce students’ learning loss, and continues to fight every day to expand Medicaid in North Carolina. Ben worked to eliminate state taxes on military retirement income and got in-state tuition for active-duty military passed in North Carolina. He is a common sense Democrat running for Congress on a family-first agenda.

Robert T. Reives II  NC House of Representatives  District 54

My name is Robert Reives, and I am the North Carolina House Democratic Leader. I am honored to be your representative. I’ve used my position to help bring new businesses to Chatham County, creating thousands of jobs; and helped bring millions for local schools, law enforcement, and new water systems. I worked with Governor Cooper, legislative, and local leaders to bring VinFast (the single biggest economic development project in state history), thousands of jobs, and another $100 million in economic development money to the western part of the county. I have used my position in leadership to bring people together and fight for Chatham County in Raleigh. I appreciate your support so that I can continue to advocate for our community.

Lucy Inman  NC Supreme Court Associate Justice  Seat 03

I am running for the North Carolina Supreme Court to protect the integrity of our justice system, preserve the rule of law, and defend our state and federal Constitutions. Every person in every courtroom deserves to be treated fairly and with respect. That means judges must: listen; honestly and impartially consider the facts of each case; apply the law equally to everyone, without fear or favor; write consistent decisions in terms the general public can understand; and leave politics at the courthouse door.

In courtrooms across our state and at the Court of Appeals, I have fulfilled these duties. I will bring this same commitment, experience, and skill to the Supreme Court.

Sam Ervin  NC Supreme Court Associate Justice  Seat 05

Sam Ervin has served for the last 23 years as a utilities commissioner, a judge of the Court of Appeals, and an associate justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court and is seeking your support in his campaign for re-election.

Courts exist to provide all people with the legal relief to which they are entitled, protect everyone’s personal rights, and make sure that all branches of government remain within proper constitutional bounds. Fair and impartial courts, in which everyone gets a fair hearing and is treated equally under the law, are critical to the preservation of our democracy in these hyper-partisan times. If re-elected, he will decide each case based on the law and the facts, rather than any sort of partisan or ideological agenda.

Carolyn Jennings Thompson  NC Court of Appeals Judge  Seat 08

I’m a former District and Superior Court judge with more than 25 years of combined legal and judicial experience. As a seasoned trial attorney and former jurist, I understand the importance of upholding the Constitution and applying the law to the facts of each case. I am the only candidate for this seat with judicial experience. True justice is independent of party affiliation, divisive ideologies, and social differences. I am committed to serving with integrity, fairness, and impartiality.

Endorsements: Gov. Roy Cooper; U.S. Reps. G.K. Butterfield, Eva Clayton, and Deborah Ross; NC Sens. Jay Chaudhuri and Toby Fitch; NC Advocates for Justice; Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People; NC State AFL- CIO; People’s Alliance PAC; and NC-AAPI.

Gale Murray Adams  NC Court of Appeals Judge  Seat 10

Raised by a single mother of four in rural Warren County, I attended UNC-Chapel Hill and NC Central University School of Law. I then served as a U.S. Navy JAG officer, assistant district attorney, and assistant federal public defender. In 2012, I was elected as a Superior Court judge in Cumberland County. My humble background and diverse legal experience balance my perspective and equip me to fulfill my paramount duty to follow the law, be fair and impartial, and treat people with dignity and respect. As judges, we should never forget our decisions have consequences, tremendously impact the lives of others, and should never be taken lightly.

Franklin Gomez Flores  Board of Commissioners  District 05

Franklin Gomez Flores is the first Latino on the Chatham County Board of Commissioners and is running for re-election. He is a product of Chatham County and a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill with a degree in Biology. Franklin is focused on providing high-quality education, planning responsibly and strategically, and improving our economic opportunities. His interest in community health has led him to serve on Chatham County's Board of Health and Chatham Hospital's Board of Trustees. His experience in the housing sector allows him to understand the pressures of growth and the need for strategic planning.

Jane Allen Wilson  Board of Education 

District 04

The Chatham County Board of Education is a nonpartisan office.

I would be deeply honored to serve on the Board of Education for a third term. Public education is society’s most important investment, and teachers are our most important assets. It is vitally important for each child to be safe physically, emotionally, and culturally. I will support and honor our teachers and their continued growth, so that our children feel engaged, motivated, and excited about learning. We will continue with solid, research-based curriculum providing both a strong foundation for ongoing learning and a springboard for kinetic integration and creative exploration. By meeting students where they are, may each child thrive and enhance their own unique gifts and talents!

Gary Leonard  Board of Education  District 05

The Chatham County Board of Education is a nonpartisan office.

As a long-time educator for 40 years, a school board member for 12 years, and chairman of the board since 2014, I have witnessed the tremendous growth of our district: physically, academically, and athletically. I believe that high expectations foster high achievement and I will continue to advocate for rigorous, high- caliber programs for our Chatham County students. While quality teachers are essential to student success, strong community involvement in schools, including supportive parents, community volunteers, and mentors, not only helps personalize the educational experiences of our students, but contributes overall to the vibrancy of our schools.

Mike Roberson  Sheriff

As your elected Sheriff, I, Mike Roberson, promise to hire, equip, and train the best staff in the state of North Carolina. I will continue to foster, build, and maintain positive and truthful relationships with our community. I will continue to engage and collaborate with stakeholders and service providers to give more efficient and preventative responses, not just for today, but for future generations as well. My goal is to build positive relationships before a crisis and to provide excellent customer service by treating people like family in the same situation. I will be empathetic and understanding regarding the fears and concerns of all residents and continue to employ a supportive, disciplined, and compassionate staff that is representative of the public we serve.

Jeff Neiman District Attorney  District 18

Jeff Nieman is a lifelong local resident and lives in Chapel Hill with his wife and two children. He’s worked in the District Attorney’s office for 16 years. The son of a longtime public defender, Jeff believes a prosecutor’s responsibility is to look at the facts and seek justice. He advocates for rehabilitation, racial justice, and ending the criminalization of poverty. He created Outreach Court, North Carolina’s first therapeutic court for homeless defendants. He co-founded the Driver’s License Restoration Project and successfully advocated to change North Carolina law to make the system fairer for those whose licenses are revoked for financial reasons. He supported “Raise the Age” legislation to end adult prosecution of 16- and 17-year-olds, which passed in 2019.

Dana Hackney  Clerk of Superior Court

As Chatham County grows, experience matters. Dana Hackney stands ready to meet our judicial needs and provide growing judicial services, drawing on more than 20 years of experience with the Superior Court. Dana was elected Clerk of Superior Court in 2018. As the hub of the court system, all court-related matters are administered or managed through her office. She also serves as Ex Officio Judge of Probate, responsible for all estate administrations and special proceedings, including guardianships, adoptions, foreclosures, and other proceedings. Forward-thinking, she’s advancing efforts to create a 21st Century “paper on demand” judicial system that enhances access to information. Her office’s integrity, professionalism, and efficiency earned a “no findings” audit by North Carolina Auditor Beth Wood.

Alyson A. Grine  NC Superior Court Judge  District 15B, Seat 01

In January 2021, Governor Cooper appointed Alyson A. Grine as a Resident Superior Court Judge for Judicial District 15B (Orange and Chatham Counties). Since then, she has presided over criminal and civil trials and hearings in more than 20 counties statewide. Judge Grine is currently running to continue to serve in this role. Her goal is to increase public confidence in the courts by applying the law correctly, demonstrating respect for all parties, and refusing to allow improper considerations such as race or ethnicity to influence outcomes. Judge Grine has more than 20 years of experience as an attorney and has worked at every level of the North Carolina court system, including as a law clerk for the Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court. She has served as both an assistant district attorney and an assistant public defender, and a law professor.

Allen Baddour  NC Superior Court Judge  District 15B, Seat 02

Senior Resident Superior Court Judge Allen Baddour has served as a Chatham County judge since 2006. He has focused his judicial career on access to justice. The opening of Chatham County Justice Center brought all courthouse services under one roof for the first time, improving access and efficiency for all involved with the courts, including witnesses, jurors, and law enforcement. More recent efforts include bail reform and a more rigorous and informed sentencing process. Throughout the pandemic, courts have remained open in Chatham, as Judge Baddour continued his commitment to access to justice by embracing remote hearings and leading an effort to change state law to permanently allow remote proceedings, saving time and money for many.

C. Todd Roper  NC District Court Judge 

District 15B, Seat 01

I am running to serve the citizens of Chatham and Orange Counties by being an impartial, fair, equitable, and caring judge; understanding the plight of all individuals who come before the court; and applying justice equally to all. I truly believe in taking care of the poor, orphans, and widows and loving my neighbor. With these precepts, I can daily affect people in a positive way in our communities. My judicial philosophy is simple: I will treat everyone with respect. I will make sure everyone has an opportunity to be heard. I will listen; each individual case is its own, and everyone has their own story and circumstances that need my attention. I will apply the law fairly. I will apply the law equally to all. I will exercise equity and compassion. And I will make decisions so people can have certainty in their lives.

Del Turner  Board of Education  District 03

The Chatham County Board of Education is a nonpartisan office.


I’ve spent the last 12 years on the Board of Education, advocating for an honest, rigorous, relevant curriculum for students and an appropriately paid, diverse teacher core and staff. If re-elected, I will continue to champion these mitigations to public education, as well as help to define measurable outcomes for their impact. Change in education takes time. However, it is happening, and we are evolving. I remain confident that our trajectory will result in a higher level of academic and personal discipline for students and elicit long overdue, public recognition for every teacher’s invaluable service to humanity.

Katie Kenlan  Board of Commissioners 

District 04

As a lifelong resident of Chatham County, I’ve witnessed the rapid development underway and believe we must meet the challenges ahead with smart growth and solutions for climate change. I attended local public schools, graduated with honors from UNC-Chapel Hill in Latin American Studies, and became a teacher. With that perspective and experience, I’ll work for more affordable housing, excellent schools, and safe drinking water and wastewater infrastructure. I can be counted on to protect Chatham’s environment and rural character while working for the long-term health of our families and community, valuing the diversity of all residents.

Darren Jackson  NC Court of Appeals Judge  Seat 11

Judge Darren Jackson is a lifelong resident of Wake County, husband, father of three, and grandfather of one. Judge Jackson attended public schools in eastern Wake County, UNC-Chapel Hill, and Duke University Law School. After graduating from law school, Judge Jackson practiced law with the firm of Gay, Stroud & Jackson in Zebulon. There, he enjoyed a small-town practice, emphasizing civil litigation. In his 25 years of practice, he litigated criminal and civil cases in all levels of the state courts, from Small Claims Court to the Supreme Court, as well as U.S. District Court and the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. In addition to his law practice, Judge Jackson served for 12 years in the North Carolina General Assembly.

Natalie S. Murdock  NC State Senate  District 20

Many residents in Durham and Chatham Counties lack health care, and our rural communities need greater access to it. We must continue to fight for Medicaid expansion and fund preventable health measures. According to the United Health Foundation, North Carolina ranks 33rd overall for indicators of health and well-being. Access to health care remains an issue for residents across North Carolina. The average household is one medical emergency away from being launched into bankruptcy. States across the nation are rolling back women’s reproductive rights. Funding for access to women’s health care is under attack. Natalie Murdock’s family has lived in North Carolina for generations. Affordable health care is a priority for her NC Senate platform. She is committed to ensuring all North Carolinians have access to the care they need.

David Delaney Board of Commissioners 

District 03

David Delaney is a West Point graduate, Army veteran, cybersecurity attorney, parent of Chatham Schools students, lifetime NAACP member, and co-founder of Innovate Chatham. He recently chaired the Chatham County Democratic Party Resolutions Committee and has been an active member of Manns Chapel Precinct since moving to the county in 2017. David is running to help lead Chatham's diverse communities toward a prosperous and equitable future. He brings strategic, innovative, public-minded thinking to Chatham’s growth challenges and will work to protect our environment, promote smart growth, and improve public health and education programs. He is proud to be endorsed by the Sierra Club.

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