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Democratic Candidates

North Carolina Council of State


Josh Stein

I love North Carolina. I believe in the promise of this state that if you work hard, where you come from should not limit how far you can go. I am running for Governor to deliver on that promise by investing in our people and their futures and building a state with a thriving economy, safe communities, and strong schools.

Lieutenant Governor

Rachel Hunt

As the proud daughter of the education Governor, Jim Hunt; and a public school teacher, Carolyn Hunt, I was raised here in North Carolina. I love this state, but MAGA politicians in Raleigh are trying to move it backward. From their attempts to bankrupt our public schools and send our taxpayer dollars to unproven and unaccountable private schools, to their assault on reproductive freedom, the people of North Carolina deserve better and that's why I'm running.

Attorney General

Jeff Jackson

The Attorney General’s job is to stand up for the people of North Carolina. The AG sets the standard of enforcement and goes after
anyone who illegally takes advantage of people, whether that’s a
company that’s polluting the water, scammers that target seniors, or
predatory lenders stealing from students just trying to pay for college.
My experience as a veteran, assistant district attorney, and legislator
has prepared me to be a highly effective Attorney General.



Jessica Holmes

Jessica N. Holmes was born and raised in eastern North Carolina in Pender County. She received her Bachelor of Arts and Juris Doctor from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Law. On December 16, 2023, Jessica was sworn in as North Carolina’s State Auditor, where she works to improve government services, identify wasteful spending, and ensure programs involving public health, education, and economic growth are serving the public good. She pledges to lead this office with integrity, accountability, and a focus on transparency.

Commissioner of Agriculture

Sarah Taber

Dr. Taber’s roots in agriculture run deep. Born to a military family, she helped operate her family’s small holdings and took field, garment shop, and factory jobs to pay for school. At a young age, Sarah learned that romanticizing farms doesn’t put food on the table. Agriculture has to be a viable livelihood or it’s just not worth doing. In the years since, Sarah has made a career of bringing new people into agriculture and helping farm businesses grow. Now, she's on a mission to help North Carolina put our countryside to work and grow our economy as our next Commissioner of Agriculture.

Commissioner of Insurance

Natasha Marcus

North Carolinians need affordable, reliable insurance. The Insurance Commissioner should be someone who advocates for the people. The Republican incumbent is an insurance industry insider and has not put the people's needs first. I'll do a better job in this role and on the Council of State because I will always look out for the people, keeping insurance rates low, making sure valid claims are paid, and rooting out bad actors and fraud.

Commissioner of Labor

Braxton Winston II

Braxton Winston II previously served as an At-Large member and Mayor Pro Tem of Charlotte City Council until December 2023 with a goal of developing a city that is more equitable, accessible, and interconnected.

​He is running to be North Carolina's next Commissioner of Labor to make North Carolina the number one state for business and workers.

Secretary of State

Elaine Marshall

In 1996, Elaine Marshall became the first woman elected to a statewide executive branch office in North Carolina. She immediately established herself as a competent administrator with an eye toward reform. She has received national recognitions for modernizing the Secretary of State’s office by introducing up to date technology and reducing red tape. Since taking office, Elaine has cut the costs of doing business in North Carolina—helping small businesses create jobs and enabling free enterprise and capital formation. She has led the effort to reform North Carolina’s lobbying laws. Elaine remains committed to making public information transparent and accessible to businesses, investors and individuals. Her efforts have helped make North Carolina one of the most affordable places in the United States to do business.

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Maurice (Mo) Green

Maurice “Mo” Green has strived to be a champion for public education in North Carolina throughout a professional career that has included being a school district superintendent, a chief executive for a large foundation that awards grants supporting public education and a school board attorney. "I am running because I am concerned that the North Carolina public school system is being dismantled and I want to be part of the solution to stop that dismantlement and to enhance and celebrate the performance of the North Carolina public school system."

NC Treasurer

Wesley Harris

I am running because we need a Treasurer who understands the importance of investing in our communities and ensuring opportunity is available to everyone. Our state employees need someone who will advocate for them to have a strong retirement. North Carolina needs someone who will be a champion for investing our tax money in our communities to create opportunity and prosperity in every corner of this state.

 Rep. Robert Reives discusses critical issues for North Carolina in this podcast interview by Marc Elias of Democracy Docket.

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